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we turn your car into a HEAD-TURNER

Ultimate Body kicks butt at making your speakers kick your butt, and your ears, and in fact it'll make you even kick yourself for not doing it sooner.


JL Audio Certified 

Ultimate Body is JL Audio Certified. We're kind of sure that JL might of inferred that we're "the most awesome way to install JL audio in the entire universe". And while that entire last statement was entirely fabricated, we are certified to install JL Audio which means that know every piece of their equipment inside and out and will ensure that you get the right fit for your vehicle.


Other Brands

Just because JL deemed us awesome enough to install their speakers correctly, doesn't mean we're limited to them. We also install other awesome brands, MTX, Rocker Fosgate, Kicker, and many others. You name it, we'll put it in.


audio Install Only 

Got the equipment but want to make sure that it's put in the right way the first time? Ultimate Body has you covered. We spent years training on a Himalayan mountain with audio guru's to learn how to install any piece of audio equipment your heart may desire.


Stealth audio Systems

Maybe you don't like people staring down your hot new getup, that's why we install stealth audio systems for those that would rather people hear the pure awesomeness rather than see it. Out of sight, out of mind. Because if they see it then they want it. But trust us, you don't need to see to believe all the time, because you'll hear these crisp puppies from down the street. Go ahead and give us a call and we can discuss what options to have.


In Your Face audio system

Some people like the lights, the camera, the action. The RGB goodness, the bumping sound and the car that makes people turn and go "Is that a mobile party or are my brain-voices back again", and it definitely won't be the latter. People will hear you, see you, and depending on which neighborhood you're in, love or hate you.